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Carr And Camp Fires Information

Carr Fire Information

Our local community,

We are here to help restore and support our community. During this rough and difficult time, we know you have questions and might not know where to start.

  1. Secure your family; make sure everyone is safe, stable and together.
  2. Contact your insurance to start the process, and ask them coverage questions if you have any. Secure your temporary housing, and keep all your receipts – in many cases your insurance will be able to reimburse your expenses during displacement.
  3. You have a choice in who takes care of your home, your family. Take time to have a licensed professional do a full assessment. Don’t be rushed into signing a contract. Be sure you are putting your home in the right hands.
  4. Continue on with grace and compassion. It could be a long healing process for the entire community.
  5. To be added to our list for assessment and restoration, please fill out our form below. Everyone will be served in order of request.