Commercial Fire and Smoke Damage Repair
24r Emergency Commercial Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Services in the Redding and Northern California Areas

Aztec Construction & Restoration Restores Local Businesses to Pre - Fire Condition

Fire and smoke damage are a serious matter for local North State businesses where public foot traffic is concerned. Aztec is the leading restoration contractor in Redding and surrounding areas. We are a locally owned and operated fire damage restoration company with multiple crews ready to help at a moments notice.

Fire & smoke damage is a threat to your commercial business that requires immediate response and/or mitigation. Allowing time to pass will likely result in unnecissary loss of your business assets and equipment due to smoke damage and settling fumes as well as the potential for fire related water damage. Fire related water damages are factors such as destroyed plumbing allowing water to enter the burning property structure as well as the water used to extinguish the fire.

Soot, Smoke and Odor Removal are All Crucial in the Restoration Process

We have trained crew members in place to carry out the mitigation of smoke damage and other potential property damages threatening the contents of the business. We work to remove any and all equipment and business assets that can be saved first. The crew will then get to work cleaning and restoring your smoke, water and/or fire damaged items whereever possible. Aztec fully understands the impact a commercial structure fire can have on a business and is consious of need to quickly and carefully restore your equipement, assets and/or contents.

Emergency Fire Response Certifications

Our team of IICRC Certified professionals has the experience and real world know-how to continually provide expert assistance to disaster affected businesses in Northern California. We strive to stay on the bleeding edge of industry standard emergency response mitigation and restoration for commercial property loss.

In the wake of a massive losing a business to fire, you need the best help you can get and Aztec takes great pride in being there for you. Learn more about Aztec Construction & Restoration's Certifications

Aztec Cosntruction & Restoration is Redding's Go-to Commercial Property Loss Crew for Disaster Mitigation and Clean-up

We do what it takes to bring the contents and building structure of your hard working business back to pre-loss condition if at all possible.

Commercial Smoke Damage Mitigation

Smoke damage from any significant amount of fire will often effect all un-burned interior sufaces and finishes to the point of requireing a full restoration, especially any significant amount of time has passed before addressed.

Repairing Your Commercial Property's Fire Damaged Structure

Aztec Cosntruction is an accomplished full frame-up construction and contract building company. In the commercial restoration industry it's very common for contractors to cut corners and get away with the minimal work possible in the interest of time. We do not! Our reputation stands with every job we start and we simply will not risk the quality of the final product or the reputation we've worked hard to maintain for commercial property damage repair in the Northern California Area.

In fact in many cases we have had the oportunity to correct existing, faulty or substandard building practices and usually end up repairing the building to better structural condition than it was previous to the incident.

Smoke Damage from Neighboring Fires

Shasta County has become very familiar with smoke laden air over the years. If you're a resident and/or business owner in Redding you know that we often spend months on-end in extremely low air quality levels. These fumes and burned particals are every bit as damaging as smoke coming from inside the building. It settles into the funiture and interior finishes just the same but usually has extended periods of time to embed itself into textile and materials especially when considering the ongoing forrest fires typical in the fire season of the Shasta County and surrounding areas.

Other Fire Related Damages

In many cases a commercial structure fire can bring on other damaging variables such as fumes embedding into HVAC systems from things like chemicals, cleaning products and business related supplies etc. These elements can further toxify your remaining "savable" structure and should be mitigated quickly to minimize future issues and even health problems for staff and the public.

Again water is always a factor when dealing with commercial fire damage. Water damage in the event of a fire usually comes from fire crews extinguishing the fire as well as melted and/or broken water pipes that need to be located and correctly mitigated to reduce the overall restoration costs such as material costs, labor and time spent getting moved back into a the restored building and getting your business back on track.

  • Professional Fire Restoration Industry Standards
  • Skilled & Effective Contents Cleaning and Restoration
  • Commercial Fire Insurance Claim Assistance and Support
  • Contents and Property Processing & Cleaning
  • Smoke Damage Odor & Stain Removal
  • Commercial Building & Property Improvements
  • High End Interior & Exterior Finishes
  • Commercial Structural Remodeling
  • Carpet, Upholstery & Fabric Restoration
  • Air Duct & Ventilation System Cleaning & Decontamination

Skilled and Experienced Commercial Property Restoration

Each of these destructive factors require a unique approach, techniques and speicalized fire & smoke damage removal equipment. Aztec possesses decades of tried and true industry specific knowledge that make fire damage and fire related damage repair as effective as poosible. Our plan of attack comes from the trial and error learned from the combined knowledge built upon thousands of mitigation, restoration and repair jobs performed in the Redding Area over the years.

A considerable portion of Redding's residents have gone through major life changes or at least have been effected in some way or another by recent fires raging across the North State. Our staff is no exception, we call Redding our home as well and have also lived through these experiences along side the community, feeling the pains of fire loss within our own families and friends alike.

Local First Commercial Restoration Company

Aztec Construction is a "local first" company, meaning we are not a big corporation operating remotely within other cities posing as local companies. Our ownership is native to the Redding Area and are working for families and businesses that live in our own community. We feel this has given us a unique outlook on performance and believe that this level of dedication is not something that can be transplanted.

Fire damage restoration is a science on many levels. We stay current with fire eduction, certification and equipment technologies. The Aztec crews are challenged regularly in all aspects of the mitigation and restoration processes and repeatedly prove themselves job after job. We are very passionate about working to be the best and provide an emergency response service that is still unmatched in Northern California to date. We are on call 24 hours a day and have specialized professionals ready for any disaster scenario your commercial business or property can experience.

Aztec Construction & Restoration Is...

  • Decades of Commercial Restoration Experience
  • 24/7 Rapid Emergency Response with a Smile
  • Expert Interim Help to Minimize Further Damage
  • Property Secure and Recover Specialists
  • Professional, Experienced Insurance Claim Assistance in Your Corner
  • High Quality Professional Custom Building Contractor

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