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Storms can be destructive on many levels. Your home can take on massive damages that require an immediate emergency response crew to board up openings in the middle of the night. Or your house can suffer minimal damage that goes unnoticed allowing the elements in, for instance mild, or even light rain to penetrate over long periods of time causing future damage resulting in high repair costs down the road.

Regular inspections are priceless, otherwise you may be learning about the weaknesses in your home's exterior during a heavy storm while the damage is being done. Aztec can often come to your home ahead of time and help you understand how and why bad weather makes it through your home's aging roof, walls, windows, doors and foundation. Call us today for a free consultation.

Wind and Weather Damage Restoration Services in Redding

The Redding and Northern California Area seems to have nearly all extreme weather patterns not usually found all in one place. This means that the homes and buildings in the area need to be fortified against all weather possibilities not just one. And because of the repeated extremes year in and year out, your home needs to be continuously monitored for compromised exterior structure and finishes.

If you live in the North State its a good idea to have a good emergency restoration company in your back pocket in the event one of Redding's all too famous natural disasters causes real damage to your home or property. Consider Aztec your go to Emergency Disaster Response Specialists. Our crews are on-call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with multiple crews ready to go at a moment's notice. Being in this industry we know to keep a constant eye on the coming weather and are always ready to perform rapid response emergency board ups, water diversion and relocation services as soon as bad weather strikes.

Wind and Wind Related Damage

Wind damage comes in many forms. It can tear off siding, lift up shingles and roofing materials, it can give an old tree the extra push it needs to come crashing down into your aged roof or living room picture window. In the throws of a storm, once your house or building has been penetrated, further damage is almost always a factor. When the weather is bad a fast board-up is imperative.

Emergency Response Board Up

The Aztec crews are known across the North State for efficient and effective board ups. We arrive as quickly as possible with building and restoration materials on hand and in tow. We will quickly secure and stabilize any and all compromised structure, outdoor finishes, exterior siding, windows and doors. Calling Aztec will dramatically reduce your home's resulting water damage which in turn reduces repair and restoration costs when the time comes.

Emergency Water Diversion

Storms in this area bring wind and water and usually at the same time. Flash flooding is now a regular occurrence in Shasta County and is being taken more and more seriously by the season. Unwanted water is the most common source of damage caused to houses in most of the Western United States. Flash floods bring in all kinds of new things into your house. Of course water but also debris, soils, sediments, bacterium and even rodents and other pests.

Weather Disaster Cleanup

After the board up is done and the weather lets up, it's time to clean up the mess. Whatever debris that couldn't be removed by the emergency response crew will be collected and disposed of in order to start the decontamination and mitigation process. We will use an array of dehumidification systems to get the interior finishes and structural materials of the home dried out. Once the home is dry we then assess the extent total of water intrusion. If we are called in time and everything goes right we can often completely eliminate any water damage. However if any real time passes with water inside your walls, ceiling or flooring and foundation we will usually need to remove some building materials.

Home Insurance Claim Assistance and Scope of the Repairs

Once we know the extent of damage done we then provide an estimate based on the scope of the restoration to bring your home back to previous condition. We also encourage the property owners to rely on us for the insurance claim processing as we deal with insurance companies on a daily basis and know exactly how to get the most out of your claim to ensure your satisfaction in the end. We work for you, we are a "local first" company and at the end of the day this is a home for you but an inconvenience for them. We know what the job needs and your satisfaction rests on our performance when all is said and done.

Aztec Construction & Restoration Is...

  • Decades of Experience
  • 24/7 Rapid Emergency Response with a Smile
  • Expert Interim Help to Minimize Further Damage
  • Property Secure and Recover Specialists
  • Professional, Experienced Insurance Claim Assistance in Your Corner
  • High Quality Professional Custom Building Contractor

What to do in the event a weather related disaster strikes?

1st Call Aztec immediately to get emergency services started and a crew heading your way ASAP.
2nd Prevent further damage by making quick emergency repairs within your level of comfort. (Save all receipts)
3rd Call your insurance agent as soon as possible, so an adjuster can visit your property to inspect the extent of damages.
4th Take notes and take pictures if safely possible. The evidence will help if a dispute arises between you and the insurance company.
Finally, don’t throw out any damaged property before your insurance adjuster can see it.

Does my insurance policy automatically cover the damage?
Generally, damage from wind and falling trees are covered including the cost of removal of trees that have fallen on a building. The damage of the exterior and any property inside your home is also covered.

What if I cannot live at home because of storm damage?
Under most policies, your hotel and contents storage will be covered. This includes food and furniture rental costs.
(Save your receipts)

What if the tree belonged to my neighbor?
Both parties are advised to contact their respective insurance companies. Your neighbor is responsible for the damage only if they were determined to be negligent and the tree was obviously compromised previous to the storm. Both insurance agencies will usually negotiate with each other based on the circumstances.

Wind damages can occur any time of year.
From a downed fence to missing shingles, hail damage or a large tree branch fallen into and damaging the structure of your home. These are all typical storm related losses that need immediate attention to prevent and mitigate any further substantial damages to your home. If you are unsure what to do, just give us a call. Our project managers are knowledgeable and can set you on the path to reduce the overall damage of your home or residential property.

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