Reduce the Risk of Fire

Tips for preventing and reducing the risk of fire and smoke damage.

Fire Season Preparation - save time, money and peace of mind...

Nobody wants to think about "life after fire", but if/when it does happen people are always forced to live out the aftermath. Losing everything is disheartening to say the least but imagine trying to explain your losses to an insurance agency that views your claim as just another pay out. To minimize guess work on behalf of your insurance company and allow you the confidence when submitting your claim...

Scott Says, "Take video inventory of everything you own of any value at all."

On a yearly basis a video (I like the week after Christmas) inventory of your personal property with a digital cam recorder, this will provide rock solid evidence for your insurance company in the event of a loss. This video catalog system will help enable you and your adjuster in processing your claim more efficiently and effectively. Remember to store your video media file in a fire proof safe or an offsite safe deposit box. Try to save receipts of your personal property items along with this documentation.

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