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Serving the North State and Redding Area's Emergency Water Damage Repair Needs

When it comes to water damage prevention, mitigation and repair, emergency response is paramount. Allowing time to pass after a disastrous incident is adding to your property loss and recovery costs by the minute.

Whether your incident was caused by broken pipes, wind storm, heavy snow fall and / or fire damage Aztec knows all the tricks to minimizing your property loss as quickly as possible. We take pride in providing fast, quality repair and mitigation 24 hours a day. When we leave, your property will be fully secured and all threats mitigated no matter how long it takes. Once the property is secured and all possibility of further damage is eliminated we will then provide insurance claim services and begin the process of restoring your home or structure to pre-damage condition.

The Water Damage Causes that are Most Common in Northern California

Small flash floods are very common in recent years in the Redding Area, often doing the most damage as Northern California residents don't consider this to be a flood zone area. Flooding does a great job revealing your home and property's weak points and can inflict a lot of water damage in a short period of time. The next common culprit for water damage being roof failure. Roof failures can be due to an aging roof and / or impact damage from falling trees or large tree limbs that penetrate the roof. Frequent roof inspections are one of the best precautionary measures one can take in weather proofing their home as a small undetected leak can do a fair bit of damage over the course of even just a few months. And of course the most common of all is a broken or leaking pipes from your home's aging plumbing or failing appliances. A broken pipe or failed appliance can cause a lot of damage if it happens while the family is away for the work day and is usually near impossible to predict.

Securing the Water's Entry Point

Unwanted water will creep into every available space in the structure of your home causing damage to: drywall, framing, wood floors and subflooring, carpet, furniture, ceilings, baseboards, moulding, cabinets and even exterior siding from the backside.

Aztec comes in, secures the water's entry point as quickly as possible whether it is an opening in roof caused by fallen trees or tree limbs, roof failure from aging roofing or structure, broken windows/doors, broken or even long leaking pipes. Each of these incidences often require a unique approach and are best handled with the seasoned experience Aztec customers rave about.

In the Case of Damage to the Blackwater System

Your home's sewage system is not something you want to overlook. If the nature of your disaster threatens your blackwater system you will need a thorough inspection and mitigation if the unthinkable has happened. Let Aztec do the dirty work. We will take all the necessary measures to clean up and stop the possibilty of further contamination as quickly as possible for your safety and ours. Aztec is disaster response and Hasmat Certified

Dehumidification - Moisture Drying & Water Extraction

Being a long standing water damage restoration and mitigation company in Shasta County, Aztec Construction & Restoration understands the importance of using the most current industry standard commercial dehumidification / extraction technology available. Our lineup of dehumidifiers, air movers and thermal drying systems allow for the fastest possible water / moisture extraction, wicking away moisture and drying building materials.

At Aztec we utilize thermal imaging cameras and an array of moisture metering tools to locate hidden pockets of remaining moisture as well as standing water. All of these water damage repair practices reduce your overall end-result water damage dramatically. Once the moisture removal process is complete we can then move on to a more concise damage assessment and determine the extent of loss and level of property repairs needed.

The right water extraction equipment in addition to the knowledge and experience allows our mitigation team to eliminate the resulting and future possibility of offending odors, mold or mildew growth in and around your home and living spaces.

Mold Remediation

Mold is a force to be reckoned with. Mold remediation includes evaluation of the affected area (where either mold or moisture are present), any potential effect on health and safety of occupants, creating a remediation strategy and performing the abatement process. We are committed to providing the utmost care, restoring the property to be declared safe for occupants quickly and thoroughly.

Property Damage Restoration

In order to efficiently restore your property to pre water damage condition we must first completely mitigate and remove all water damaged structure and building materials. This includes any structural materials that have been wet long enough to swell, separate, delaminate, rot and or breed harmful fungus' like molds, black mold etc. These materials need to be replaced as far back as it takes to completely eliminate the problem areas so that the new structural restoration is something Aztec can guaranty.

Alternative Emergency Living Arrangements

If your family needs to be relocated during repairs, Aztec Construction aids in arranging alternative living arrangements such negotiating hotel rooms with your insurance provider and even helping you move furniture into storage units and so on. Aztec office staff will keep you informed of the restoration progress along the way. We will help ensure that your life carries on as hassle free as possible despite a sudden, unexpected, disastrous experience leaving you with a water damaged home.

Aztec Construction & Restoration Is...

  • Decades of Experience
  • 24/7 Rapid Emergency Response with a Smile
  • Expert interim help to minimize further damage
  • Property Secure and Recover Specialists
  • Professional, Experienced Insurance Claim Assistance in Your Corner
  • High Quality Professional Custom Building Contractor

What to Do About Water Damage in My Home?

The Redding Area has a lot to offer but also has a unique range of extreme weather that tends to be very hard on homes if not properly weatherized. Its no secret there's a long list of precautions that can and should be taken to maximize your home's ability resist everything Northern California has to throw at it.

Aztec is here to help before and after any disasters you might experience. We have developed an extensive playbook for weather and water damage prevention. Call today for a free consult!

But all too often we don't realize the importance of preparedness until its too late. So if you are suddenly facing a water damage scenario Call Aztec Construction & Restoration Now!

Talking with the project managers at Aztec Construction you will quickly find that you can be sure your home will be put back together quickly and efficiently without compromising quality or craftsmanship.

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